Velcome doorish beings to my webpage!

I decided to make a demo of what door on a website would be like hav looken eas

This is my game door: Door.


This website will be updated later this year, but for now, here's what I have done

First thing, made a shitty websit

Second thing, made a gif

Third thing, figured out how to code html

What I plan on doing:

using this website as an update thing

you truly can't have a website without anything on it? Right?

making a christmas and summer theme

I'm mostly gonna be working during summer and december so why would I have icons that pertain to fall?

finally, adding a website version of door

What I mean by this is making this website be full of random "rooms" as you guys call them. Of course this will be done after door 3 is complete.

Until then, hav a day

Before you go however, I have something I want to show you...

Sonic Realms documentation

by Birb64